Data Intelligent Collaboration Network Whitepaper

What is Proton?

Proton is a public chain that is dedicated to data fusion and collaboration. It builds the fundamental infrastructure for data security and high-efficiency data collaboration processing across various data sources, unleashing the real potential of big data and artificial intelligent applications on different industries. With freeing the data from silos, from a single online shop to the IoT industry giants can break through their bottle neck of lacking valid data samples and insufficient recognition of data via "Proton Inside".


Mistrust between participants in the digital marketing ecosystem

Unmeasurable ROI

A large part of the advertising activities cannot be end-to-end tracked and measured precisely; the user's operating track usually does not follow the preset steps. As a result, publishers and advertisers can not measure the return on investment (ROI).

Unpredictable Results

Currently, most of the products are isolated from each other, building a "data silos”. Users only leave fragmented data on different Apps. Therefore, advertisers cannot predict ROI with complete user profile.

Unfair Interests

Advertisers want to spend their bugets wisely, and publishers expect to earn more. Users’ experience is overlooked in this game. There is not a good trade-off system at the moment.


Proton introduce three core concepts to solve above dilemmas.

Unified Identity

* Unique identity cross whole internet
* Based on UID, users' profile can be completed cross products.

User actions can be tracked and recorded, thus breaking the "data silos" effect.

Unified Profile

* Unified user data storage
* Includes:
    * Basic information
    * Action logs
    * Labels

Unified profile makes the process traceable, making it easier to distinguish user actions pattern.

Unified Attention

* UA is used to measure the attention between a specific user (based on UP) and content.

Resolved the problem of interest distribution amount users, publishers and advertisers.

Data Collaboration

Token Flow

Proton Framework

Our Team & Advisors

Hanson Lee
Chief Executive Officer

Founder and CEO of Bangtuike. Master degree of Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining of University of New South Wales. He has more than 10 years of full-stack development experiences. Early team member of

Adam Zhao
Chief Operation Officer

Early blockchain enthusiast, Co-Founder of Bangtuike. He worked in British Telecom as an Analyst to serve clients such as NYSE, Goldman Sachs, Reuters and BOT. He is in charge of Proton’s operations and coordination.

Wang Shuai Min
Chief Strategy Consultant

Former General Manager of Media Innovation of Alimama, the head of UniDesk (a commercialized Uni Marketing product of Alibaba Group), and former vice president of AdChina. He has more than 15 years of industry experience and resources with substancial knowledge on UID & Big data.

Dr. Zou Jun
Chief Technology Advisor

He is an experienced IT veteran, especially in cloud computing and blockchain. He holds PhD of computer science from Macquarie University, Australia. Former Chief Architect in Financial Industry software department of IBM Australia. Chief Editor of 《Guide of Blockchain Technology》published in 2016 by Machinary Industry Press.

Dr. Ben
Chief Blockchain Technology Officer

PhD researcher Blockchain and IoT. He was senior adviser of whole network solution for an international Telecommunication company. He holds PhD of Data Analysis from University of New South Wales. He is in charge of constructing blockchain development in this project.

Neil Yang
Chief Data Technology Officer

Expert in Big data, Blockchain technology, former architect in big data department of Sina Weibo Game. The former CTO of OkBuy and Oxygen APP, led the team develop the product that reached 10m users from 0. He mainly in charge of building the data analysis framework.

AI Wang
Chief Marketing Officer

He is an industry expert with more than 18 years experience in advertising and marketing industry and serves Fortune 500 companies including Apple, China Mobile and Unilever. Former Allyes Group executive strategy director. Former Chief Strategy Officer of WPP's VML Teein.

Curt Shi
Chief Risk Officer

Master of International Media from Macquarie University, Australia. Partner of three private equity funds, Imprint Capital Partners, Follow[the]Seed and Welinder & Shi Capital who has successfully invested a number of projects in Australia, US and Israel.

Xiaodong Du
Investor Relations

Early followers in Blockchain, Partner of HeXin Capital, experienced Equity Financing advisor. Lead 27 fund raising for 23 companies from angel stage to Pre IPO stage. Expert in business model and financial analysis.

Allen Shao
Special Consultant: Information Security

TOGAF certified solution architect, information security and risk management expertMr. Shao has served several Fortune 500 enterprises, covering investment, asset management, insurance and other fields. He is also an active facilitator and contributor in open-source technology communities.

Richard Wang
Investor / Advisor

Partner of DraperDragon, Master of Electronic Engineering of NCTU. Mr. Wang has over 20 years of business development, technical marketing and sales management in high technology space experiences.

Eliav Alaluf
Investor / consultant

He has 13 years experience of PR and digital marketing and has served as senior executive and CEO of several well-known digital marketing companies including Comverse, AxisMobile and Rahav Social Media.

Andrey Shirben
Investor / consultant

Australia's leading investor, with main focus in Oceania and Israel. He invested in more than 70 early projects and helped several companies to complete their IPO. From 2000, he is focusing on online marketing and ad tech field. He is also the angel investor of Kenshoo, which is the largest marketing SaaS company of the world.

Marco Shen
Organization Structure Consultant

With more than 10 years working experiences in global financial market, Shen Heng worked for HSBC Group in Risk Management, Corporate Banking and Private Banking across Shanghai, Singapore and HK.





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